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These are the latest pics I've submitted!


Some of the pics I really like.






Powerscourt by Luigifan18
Once this was the city hall of Dublin. Now it's a shopping mall!
Dublin Castle - Inner Courtyard Entrance by Luigifan18
Dublin Castle - Inner Courtyard Entrance
The entryway to the main courtyard of Dublin Castle.

That's my family in the middle of the shot - I was lagging behind to take pictures en masse. ^^;


Matthew Bradley
United States
Current Residence: Not telling you
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Personal Quote: "Christ is the only <i>true</i> solution to the problems plaguing mankind."
Hey! In this journal, I'm compiling emoticons that I'd like to use more often. :p

  • (Happy)
    • :D Revamp (Huge grin)
    • Emotion-Yeeey! (Squee)
  • Laugh:rofl:LaughLaughSnort LaughSimple Laugh - NaNoEmo 01:shakelaugh::laughing::lol:,  (Laughter)
    • XD Laugh RevampXD Laugh Original (XD)
    • (Laughing hard)
      • Knee-Slapper (Knee-slapper)
      • Can't Stop Laughing - NaNoEmo Day 2 (Can't stop laughing)
      • Guffaw (Guffaw)
      • :rofl (rotfl)
      • :lmao (lmao)
      • Laughing maniaclly (Maniacal laughter)
      • :overlaugh: (Laughing too hard)
    • :giggle: revamp , :giggle:.: giggle :. (Giggle)
    • :snicker: (Snicker)
    • Evil Laugh - Emote AnimatedEbil Laughevil plotting:evillaugh, (Evil laugh)
    • :iconnervous-laughplz: (Nervous laugh)
    • must.not.laugh (Trying not to laugh)
    • :secretlaugh (Hidden laugh)
  • Love power:lovely::love::squee-love: - PLZ:lovesquee::love: remake IIIn Lovealways in my heart, , :love: rvmp:loves: V2Joy Love EmoteIn loveBeing silly together is so much fun ... (In love)
    • Emote Cuddle Love , , In Love:hugEmote: LOVElove you emoticon (Hugs)
      • :backhug: (Hug from behind)
      • Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke(Overly-tight hug)
      • :InLoveGlomp: (Swinging hug)
      • :glomptackle: (Tackle glomp)
      • Squeek Hug Emoticon (Squeeky hug)
      • :glomppoke: (Glomp & Poke)
    • :hotkissVampire kiss? (Kisses)
      • giggle_blow a kiss (Blow kiss)
    • holding handsTard love 2 (Holding hands)
    • 182 : Dance Together Emoticon (Dance)
    • :twitterpated: (Twitterpated!)
    • Starstruck / Starry Eyed (Starstruck)
    • ily emotes lol (I love you!)
    • Foxy Love (Fox in love)
  • :omg: revamp:jawdrop:Holy Friggin' Crap (Shock)
    • WTF? emoticonWHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! (WTF?)
  • :scared:scared.... &quot;the 2nd&quot;:frightened:ScaredScaredy Tard:scared:Scared EmoteScaredOh my gosh you scared meCutie Scared:cower:scared:horror:Scared emoticon (Scared)
    • O.O (O.O)
    • :cringe:  (Cringe)
    • Shudder:shudder:Shiver (Shuddering)
    • :scream::omgomgbb::AHH: (Screaming)
      • Heeeelp (HELP!!!)
    • :panic:Tard OMG Emote,  :freakout:Aaaah!scared lol (Panicking)
      • Run AwayScared and running (Run away!)
    • Noo:godno:NOO (Big No)
    • Hold me... I'm scared.Hold Me I'm Scared V2 (Mutual fright)
  • :sighs::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh:Emoticon - SighSigh (Sighing)
    • Bored (Bored)
  • .: Unsure :. (Unsure)
  • Angry emoticon:angry::angry:, , :angryRAGE:berserk:Angry stare:ARRRGH:Wanna fight about it?swearingIMing - :flailrage: + PLZTantrum Emoticon:angrytard:Mad :la: Contest Entry:madscream:fury:: Rage :Angry DX:pissed: Revamped:irate::evilshake:Angry Greenfurious shakefistred and angry:reallymad: (Angered)
    • :steaming: (Steaming)
    • Angry (Annoyed)
      • :shakefistrevamped: (Shake fist)
      • unimpressed. (Not amused)
      • :hmph: (Hmph!)
      • Oh Brother... (Mild exasperation)
        • Eye Roll (Roll eyes)
        • :shakehead: (Irritated facepalm)
    • Glare (Glare)
    • :hitwithbat::IPunchYou::punch:Facepan'd:fork: rvmp (Assault)
      • :slap: revamp (Slap 'em silly)
      • :spank: revamp (Spank spank spank!)
    • Angry :fu: (Ranting)
    • angrynoes (Hell no!)
    • GRRR - Animated (GRRR!)
      • :angry: (Why you little-!)
    • Angry Emoticon (Pottymouth)
  • Comfort (Comfort)
  • Shocked nodExcited nod (Nonstandard nodding)
  • Dance DanceHappyDance:dance: (Dancing)
  • :icon300plz:Get of mah lawn:iseewhatyoudidthere: (Miscellaneous)
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: My entire iTunes library
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water


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