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Calamity Response Team - Magic by Luigifan18
Calamity Response Team - Magic
This card is an instance of finding the artwork and being inspired to make a card around it (instead of my usual modus operandi of thinking of a card idea and then looking for fitting artwork). It's nothing fancy - just a mass regeneration engine.

The artwork is an image taken from a site named Doom and Bloom. Yeah.
Bowser, King of the Koopas - Magic by Luigifan18
Bowser, King of the Koopas - Magic
I recently made a card for the leader of the Heroes' League. (Well, not quite. I do have a separate card concept for myself as the leader of the Heroes' League, but I don't have the art because I would need to heavily Photoshop the requisite self-portrait. And while :iconchelseakittygirl:'s back on DeviantART, she no longer takes requests, so I can't get her to help me, either. :() So I figured it was time to make a card for the leader of the League of Villains - none other than Bowser, the King of the Koopas and the archenemy of Super Mario!

TV Tropes claims that Bowser's position in the color pie is the combination of black and red (i.e. Rakdos's colors). I'm heavily inclined to agree. To quote the Analysis page, "He lives in a dark, lava-filled badland, constantly plots to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and possibly beyond, has a temper as fiery as his breath, and a major crush on Princess Peach which is implied to be a major reason why he bothers to kidnap her in the first place." In other words, he's both incredibly selfish and ambitious and heavily driven by his emotions - the domains of black and red.

As for Bowser as a planeswalker himself, he's relatively straightforward. His basic, loyalty-gaining ability is simply to blast one of your opponent's creatures with a fireball (think Lightning Bolt). The second ability uses Bowser's shell to protect one of your permanents, rendering it indestructible for a turn. The final ability involves Bowser rearing up and letting his mighty flame breath loose on your foe, killing them in one shot unless they've gained life beforehand or find a way to reduce the damage. (Or you're playing a format where you start with more than 20 life, like Archenemy or Two-Headed Giant. Speaking of alternate formats, I meant to include a clause that Bowser could be your commander 
(in fact, I went and squeezed it in as errata; see Wording Fixes below), but MTG Cardsmith's Planeswalker creation engine doesn't really let you add much of anything to a planeswalker outside of their three loyalty abilities; you can't have more than three, and if you want to give a planeswalker a passive (non-loyalty, static, or triggered) ability (like, say, flash, hexproof, convoke, dredge, delve, recover, protection, split second, characteristic-defining abilities, or the ability to be designated as your commander), you have to give up a loyalty ability slot for it. This is also the main thing holding me back from making a Planeswalker card for Garcia, because I want him to negate damage from red sources and gain loyalty from them instead, darn it!)

...And there lie the problems. When I was making this card, I kinda completely forgot about the fact that planeswalker abilities can only be activated as sorceries, making the second ability nearly useless, since the indestructibility wears off at the end of your turn. (No, you can't activate the second ability in response to an opponent targeting one of your permanents with an instant that would destroy it; sorceries (and spells and abilities of equivalent speed) can't go onto the stack except for as the very first thing at the bottom.) This means that the only feasible use for the second ability is using it on one of your creatures that you really want to (or have to) attack with that turn, but fear losing in the process (i.e. getting killed by a chump-blocker) - in other words, a cheap approximation of Zurgo Helmsmasher. To be fair, that sort of thing is about how defensive red-black is meant to be - it's a very glass-cannony, hyper-aggressive color combo. The main reason why Bowser even has a defensive ability in the first place is, well, he's a freaking turtle! But still, it has so many ways to get around it that it's hardly even funny. I've been thinking about reworking the card so that the second ability either lasts until the beginning of your next turn (so your opponent can't simply fire off a removal effect on their turn) or adding a clause to make it actually work at instant speed (and also be unusable during an opponent's turn if you used a loyalty ability during your turn, since planeswalkers are supposed to be limited to activating a loyalty ability once per turn). I also think I might have made the card a little too expensive (like I said earlier, black-red decks tend to be glass cannons; if a black-red deck hasn't won by turn 6, it's not all that likely to win, period, and turn 6 is the earliest you'd be able to play this without some sort of mana acceleration, never mind firing off the ultimate). And maybe I should have made the starting loyalty 5 instead of 4, and made the damage of the ultimate a little higher; as I mentioned, since you would be using a black-red deck in order to use this, if you haven't already won the game by the time you're able to fire it off, your opponent may very well be able to tank a 20-damage hit, especially if they're playing a white or green deck.

The artwork is "Evil Generations" by :iconsupercaterina:. Super Caterina's a highly talented artist and character-maker and an unabashed Bowser fangirl (I've actually borrowed her character for one of my roleplays with :iconpommyman:, and yes, I did ask permission; I was actually going to have her help me write her scenes, but that ended up falling through). Anyways, I knew I wanted one of Caterina's artworks in order to properly do Bowser justice, and I settled on this one because I really liked Bowser's pose in it.

Wording Fixes: Replace all instances of "does # damage" with "deals # damage". Bowser, King of the Koopas has the following passive (non-loyalty) ability: "Bowser, King of the Koopas can be your commander."
Empowering Revelation - Magic by Luigifan18
Empowering Revelation - Magic
This is the fourth card in my Revelation series. This one is interesting because instead of the kicked effect being double the unkicked effect, the kicked effect is a permanent version of the unkicked effect. And now you know why I relegated the life-gain to white... this sort of global creature empowerment fits best in green.

I don't know where the artwork's from (I found it via Google search while searching for something I could use for Restoring Revelation), but it looks really pretty and Lion King-esque.
Off-Hand Brace - Magic by Luigifan18
Off-Hand Brace - Magic
The artwork depicts a hand brace my mom got for me after I injured my wrist by falling off my bike. As with my other "totally mundane" cards (Nourishing Suet and Bottled Water), the idea came to me suddenly. The convoke keyword on both the card itself as a spell and the equip cost represents it being easier to put this thing on with a bit of help. (I considered having the equip cost be simply "{1}, Tap a creature that you control", but I figured that giving the equip ability convoke would be more interesting.) As for the effect, well, this hand brace contains metal to help support the wrist, and I'd imagine that said metal could help with blocking an attack in a pinch (note: don't try this at home, or anywhere for that matter, especially if you're wearing such a hand brace for the same reason as me (read: you hurt your wrist to the extent that it's painful to move it)). Therefore, the brace reduces the damage that you take (again, don't try this in real life, especially if your wrist is hurt badly enough to need this sort of supportive device on it... it likely won't end well). Of course, like any injured-joint support, it inhibits movement of the joint, which would make it harder to swing a weapon or slap/swat someone; thus, it reduces the impact of your own attack. (I don't think it would inhibit throwing a punch, but that would be a bad idea if you've hurt your wrist... then again, the same could be said for slapping someone or hitting them with a stick, sword, or other hand-held whack-things-you-don't-like tool melee weapon... and it would also hurt to pull back a bowstring, and I'd imagine dealing with the recoil of firing a gun might not be pretty... okay, getting into a fight with an injured wrist is a dumb idea no matter how you go about it. Regardless, Magic doesn't care to differentiate creatures by how they attack adversaries, so this card has to inhibit any creature's attacks equally, no matter how much it doesn't make sense for a hand brace to make it difficult to kick people, assault them with nothing more than the power of your mind, or execute some other means of attack not based on using your hands.) By the way, this is called Off-Hand Brace because it's depicting a brace worn on the left hand, and most people are right-handed. (Sorry, left-handed people, but there's only so much a single card can do; I have to generalize where I can.) If I find myself painfully short on ideas, I'll probably make a card named Main-Hand Brace for a brace worn on the right hand, which will basically be this card, but with bigger numbers. Its artwork will be the artwork for this card flipped around mirror-style, as I don't have a brace worn on the right hand to take a photo of.

Rulings 1: An activated ability with convoke works exactly like a spell with convoke.
Rulings 1.1: After determining how much mana you'll pay to activate the ability, you then pay that mana cost. (See Rulings 1.4 and 1.7.) In addition to whatever mana you spend, you may tap untapped creatures you control while paying the cost in order to help pay for the cost. (For instance, you could pay a cost of {5} with 5 mana, 4 mana and 1 creature, 3 mana and 2 creatures, 2 mana and 3 creatures, 1 mana and 4 creatures, or 5 creatures.) A creature tapped this way cannot be used to do anything else that would require tapping it, such as attacking or paying for costs, until it is untapped. (See Rulings 1.8.)
Rulings 1.2: You can use creatures with summoning sickness to pay for Convoke costs (since summoning sickness only prevents tapping a creature in order to attack or activate one of its own abilities).
Rulings 1.3: Convoke doesn’t change an ability's mana cost or converted mana cost.
Rulings 1.4: When calculating an ability's total cost, include any alternative costs, additional costs, or anything else that increases or reduces the cost to activate the ability. Convoke applies after the total cost is calculated.
Rulings 1.5: Because convoke isn’t an alternative cost, it can be used in conjunction with alternative costs.
Rulings 1.6: Tapping a multicolored creature using convoke will pay for {1} or one mana of your choice of any of that creature’s colors.
Rulings 1.7: When using convoke to activate an ability with {X} in its mana cost, first choose the value for X. That choice, plus any cost increases or decreases, will determine the spell’s total cost. Then you can tap creatures you control to help pay that cost.
Rulings 1.8: If a creature you control has a mana ability with {T} in the cost, activating that ability while activating an ability with convoke will result in the creature being tapped when you pay the convoke ability's costs. You won’t be able to tap it again for convoke. Similarly, if you sacrifice a creature to activate a mana ability while activating an ability with convoke, that creature won’t be on the battlefield when you pay the convoke ability's costs, so you won’t be able to tap it for convoke.
Rulings 2: Technically, the equip keyword is an activated ability. Thus, Ruling 1 applies to an equip cost with convoke.


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So, I've recently started making Magic cards again, using a site called MTG Cardsmith. It's really cool, but one of its shortcomings is that it doesn't let you make a card unless you have artwork for it. And I have a few card ideas that I'd really like to show off, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me to - or better yet, create - artwork for them! (I don't exactly think my skills are good enough to do it myself.) I'll describe these ideas and what I want from their artwork here.

Notes: In rules text and costs, the symbol for a cost will be represented in parentheses () or squiggle brackets {}. (T) or (Tap) means tapping the card. (A/D) means hybrid mana, where both A and D are one of W, U, B, R, or G (the five mana colors - white, blue, black, red, and green), but not the same one, and A may instead be 2 (but monohybrid mana is not supported by MTG Cardsmith, so don't expect to see that much). (C) refers to colorless mana specifically, rather than mana of any color (yes, there's a difference, and there's been a difference ever since Battle for Zendikar became a thing). (P/A) refers to Phyrexian mana, where A is one of W, U, B, R, G, or C.

Idea 1: Devourer of Effort
Type: Creature - Horror
Power/Toughness: 2/3
Rarity: Uncommon

Rules text: Whenever a spell, activated ability, or triggered ability is countered, put a +1/+1 counter on Devourer of Effort. (A spell or ability is countered if it is countered by a spell or ability, or if all of its targets become illegal after it is cast/activated/triggered but before it resolves.)

Flavor text: It feeds on dashed hopes and shattered dreams.

Artwork: I want this card to depict some sort of... thing that vaguely resembles an aquatic creature. It would really help if it is shown to be feeding on something incredibly unusual, preferably a failed spell or some sort of psychic energy.

Idea 2: Unscrupulous Detective
Cost: 2(U/B)U
Type: Creature - Human Rogue
Power/Toughness: 2/3
Rarity: Rare

Rules text: Whenever a player other than you discards one or more cards, investigate. If Unscrupulous Detective has a clue counter, instead investigate once for each card that was discarded.
When Unscrupulous Detective deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card.
T, BB: Target player discards a card.
T, 1UU(U/B)B, Sacrifice 3 Clue tokens: Put a clue counter on Unscrupulous Detective.

Artwork: Basically, I want a detective getting information through... questionable (read: thuggish) methods.

Idea 3: Power Lock
Cost: 2
Type: Instant
Rarity: Common

Rules text: Place +1/+0, -1/-0, +0/+1, -0/-1, +1/+1, and -1/-1 counters on target creature until its modified power and toughness are equal to its current power and toughness. Cast Power Lock only during the end step.

Notes: I am... not confident in how I worded this card. Basically, the idea behind it is to make a temporary boost or penalty to power and toughness (such as Giant Growth, prowess, Aerial Maneuver, exalted, Ampryn Tactician, or Ana Sanctuary) permanent by immediately ending the boost effect and replacing it with the appropriate type of counters. For instance, Giant Growth gives the target creature +3/+3 until end of turn. Following it up with Power Lock would cause Giant Growth's effect to wear off as though the turn had ended, and replace the effect with 3 +1/+1 counters - therefore changing the temporary power boost into a permanent one. Also, a temporary boost is one that ends at some specified point, such as the end of the current turn - which means that boosts granted by static abilities (such as Angel of Jubilation, Chief of the Foundry, Cream the Rabbit, or most Equipment) don't count (even though such boosts go away when the permanent granting them does). Power Lock also doesn't cause temporarily-gained keywords and abilities to become permanent, only changes to power and toughness. I really don't know how to write the rules text to make how the card's supposed to work clear.

Artwork: Actually, I was originally going to use this, but now I'm not so sure that it fits. So, uh, something that represents a temporary change becoming permanent, I suppose.

Idea 4: Valiant Distraction
Cost: (R/W)
Type: Instant
Rarity: Uncommon

Rules text: As an additional cost to cast Valiant Distraction, tap an untapped creature you control. If its overload cost was paid, sacrifice it instead.

Target creature you don't control can't block until end of turn.

Overload - 2(R/W) (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change its text by replacing all instances of 'target' with 'each'.)

Notes: The overload effect was originally going to be the spell's effect, period. ("As an additional cost to play Valiant Distraction, sacrifice a creature.  Creatures your opponents control cannot block until end of turn.") Yes, it was originally going to render all your opponent's creatures incapable of blocking for a turn for just 2 mana (well, somewhere from 1 to 3, plus sacrificing a creature - I wanted the spell to be something you could easily afford late in the game). I changed it when I decided that even with a sacrificed creature, 2 mana was too small a cost. However, I still wanted it to be castable for a relatively low cost. I was also kicking around an idea for tapping a creature and having it fight an opponent's creature, preventing it from blocking in the process (which could get your creature killed, but not necessarily), so I just used that, minus the fighting, for a base effect. The overload effect would have been just a kicker effect (with the kicker cost being just an extra white mana and sacrificing the creature tapped for the base cost), but that would have gotten complicated and there was a perfectly good keyword lying around (e.g. overload) that could both provide an alternative cost that overrides instead of being added onto the base cost (thus obliviating the need for me to specify that the tapped creature be sacrificed for the powered-up effect - I could just have the sacrifice cost flat-out replace the tap cost (though I still decided to require that the sacrificed creature be untapped)) and had a built-in benefit for the greater cost that was exactly what I wanted the kicker benefit to be. (Though, I still spelt out on the card that you don't need to pay the extra cost of tapping a creature if you pay the overload cost, just to be on the safe side.)

Artwork: This card was heavily based on a scene from one of my roleplays with :iconpommyman:. However, I would be more than content with a simple scene of a guy getting right up in the grill of some guards, forcing them to devote their attention to him and allowing several other people to slip by unnoticed.

Idea 5: Devoted Protection
Cost: 2WW
Type: Enchantment - Aura
Rarity: Uncommon

Rules text: Enchant creature or planeswalker
Champion a creature (When this enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you exile a creature you control. When this leaves the battlefield, that card returns to the battlefield.)

If an effect or cost would require you to sacrifice the enchanted permanent, you may sacrifice Devoted Protection instead.
Sacrifice Devoted Protection: Exile enchanted permanent and all permanents attached to it, then return them to the battlefield. Counters that do not lower power and/or toughness remain on the permanents as they move to exile and back.

Artwork: I almost used "I'll Rescue You!" for this card, as it would have fit quite well. Ultimately, however, I decided to use that one for Big Damn Heroes. So, for Devoted Protection, once I've worked out the kinks with the wording, I'd like to use a picture of somebody doggedly defending someone else. (And, no, it doesn't have to be romantic; a platonic bodyguard would work just as well.)

Idea 6: Mortician of Magic
Cost: UUUU
Type: Creature - Moonfolk Wizard
Power/Toughness: 2/2
Rarity: Uncommon

Rules text: Whenever a spell, activated ability, or triggered ability is countered, investigate. (A spell or ability is countered if it is countered by a spell or ability, or if all of its targets become illegal after it is cast/activated/triggered but before it resolves.)

Flavor text: I believe I've found why your spell failed. Somebody interfered with it.

Artwork: The main thing I have in mind is either "undertaker dressed up like a wizard" or "wizard dressed up like an undertaker", though in all honesty, the concept is basically a magical forensics specialist.

Idea 7: Warren's Herbalist
Cost: 2(G/W)(G/W)
Type: Creature - Rabbit Shaman Ally
Power/Toughness: 0/2
Rarity: Rare

Rules text: T, G: Draw a card.
T, W, Discard a card: Prevent the next 3 damage that would be dealt to target creature until end of turn.
T, 1(G/W), Discard a card: You gain 3 life.
T, 1(G/W), Discard 2 cards: Put 2 +1/+1 counters on target creature.
T, (G/W)(G/W), Discard a card: Put 2 loyalty counters on target planeswalker.
T, (G/W)(G/W)(G/W), Discard 3 cards: Remove 2 poison counters from yourself.

Notes: The idea behind this card is that it's, well, a herbalist (Magic doesn't actually have a creature type named "Healer", I made that up out of whole cloth). Essentially, the Warren's Herbalist is a medic who relies on medicinal herbs (I made it a rabbit because I wanted to use something other than a human). It can heal in a variety of ways, but since it heals through herbal concoctions rather than magic spells, it relies on having enough materials in order to do anything (hence its abilities requiring you to discard cards). The poison counter removal ability has a particularly steep cost because, well, removing poison counters shouldn't be easy, but curing poison is something that a skilled medic who knows what they're doing and has the right tools would logically be able to do. However, as a trade-off for its healing prowess, the Warren's Herbalist is very, very much a noncombatant, with no power and really bad toughness for its mana cost. So try to keep it out of harm's way.

Artwork: An anthropomorphic rabbit practicing herbal medicine. (I am legitimately surprised that I was unable to find this myself. Maybe I could on FurAffinity, but I don't want to run into anything along the lines of a rabbit masturbating while practicing herbal medicine, and while I do have an account there (what? :iconTerdBergler:'s stories are interesting!), I'm not very active on that site, so trying to ask permission over there would be a pain.)

Idea 8: Repressive Bigotry
Cost: 2(W/B)B
Type: Enchantment
Rarity: Uncommon

Rules text: Echo - Tap 2 untapped creatures you control. (At the beginning of your upkeep, if this came under your control since the beginning of your last upkeep, sacrifice it unless you pay its echo cost.)
As Repressive Bigotry enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
Spells with the chosen creature type cost {2} more to cast.
Activated abilities of permanents with the chosen creature type cost {2} more to activate.
Creatures with the chosen creature type cannot attack or block unless their controller pays {1}.

Rulings 1: The effects of Repressive Bigotry are not limited to creatures, even though it requires you to choose a creature type. For instance, if you choose Goblin, all Goblin spells cost {2} more to cast, not just creatures, and the activated abilities of all Goblin permanents cost {2} more to activate.
Rulings 2: If an activated ability or spell does not have a generic mana component in its cost, simply add {2} to the cost. If an activated ability or spell does have a generic mana component, increase that generic mana cost by {2}.
Rulings 3: Repressive Bigotry specifically requires you to choose a creature type. You cannot choose to have it affect a subtype that is not a creature type, such as Aura, Equipment, Curse, or Trap.
Rulings 4: Legendary is a supertype, not a creature type. You cannot have this spell affect legendary permanents.
Rulings 5: The attack/block cost is paid independently for each creature. If a player controls 3 creatures of the affected type, he/she must pay 3 mana to have all of them attack or block - 1 for each creature. (For the sake of a frame of reference, this aspect of the effect mimics the ability of Archangel of Tithes.)

Notes: White can be xenophobic and elitist, but it's not really racist per se. To directly quote the wiki: "White is not a prejudiced color; instead, it is proud to the point that it is elitist. White sees itself and its people as "the chosen people", better than everyone else. White believes itself to be the best because it fights on the side of righteousness. White sees everyone else as unclean or incorrect in some manner and seeks to defend itself from those impurities, as opposed to persecuting and leading an otherwise unjustified assault on them. White doesn't discriminate against anyone directly (like Black; Engineered Plague and other effects) nearly as often as it spends time promoting its own. In doing so, it may even promote its enemies if they happen to share similarities." Black, as mentioned, has a history of hosing any creature type it wants to (Engineered Plague being the classic example). However, I wanted this card's effect to deliberately mimic the most prevalent impact of apartheid - namely, making it hard for people of the discriminated-against group to amount to anything worthwhile. (And for the record, I'm not picking on black people here, I'm describing how black people have been picked on in the past... oh, who am I kidding? It still happens. Just not as often, or as severely, or as overtly.) Anyways, the idea isn't to outright weaken creatures of the type the player wants this card to hose - it's to make them harder to use. "Taxation" effects of this sort are white in nature, which is why the racism card is part-white even though white would never go out of its way to oppress anyone (that it didn't consider to be morally bankrupt) or judge people on the basis of external, immutable, inherited characteristics (like skin color).

Artwork: I already have a good idea of what I want from the artwork - a scene of a civil rights march being disrupted. However, I also want the artwork to be tasteful enough to not be painful for black people (or any other minority or majority group) to look at. And since I'm not very good at not offending people... yeah... it may be best if I don't go looking for it myself.

Idea 9: Reconnect With Reality
Cost: 1UU
Type: Tribal Sorcery - Illusion
Rarity: Rare

Rules text: As an additional cost to play Reconnect with Reality, sacrifice an Illusion.
Kicker - 1U, Sacrifice an Illusion.

Choose one
  • Draw two cards. If this spell was kicked, draw four cards instead.
  • Shuffle two cards from your graveyard into your library. If this spell was kicked, put two cards from your graveyard into your hand instead.
  • Shuffle target exiled card into its owner's library. Choose this only if this spell was kicked.
Entwine - UUU, Sacrifice an Illusion. (You may choose to use all modes of this spell instead of just one. If you do, you pay an additional UUU and sacrifice an additional Illusion.)

Artwork: A wizard of some sort stepping over a threshold between a bizarre, nonsensical world and a mundane, normal world.

Idea 10: Fading Facade
Cost: XU
Type: Tribal Enchantment - Illusion
Rarity: Rare

Rules text: Shroud
Any player may counter this spell by paying {2} and sacrificing a Clue token, or by paying {4} and revealing their hand.
When Fading Facade enters the battlefield, put Y 1/4 blue Illusion tokens with "When this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it." onto the battlefield, where Y is three times the value of X.
Clue tokens have "Sacrifice this card: Target player sacrifices an Illusion not named Fading Facade."
2, Reveal your hand: Target player sacrifices an Illusion not named Fading Facade. Any player may activate this ability.

Notes: The idea behind this card is to give you a lot of creature tokens really quickly... and then give your opponents a way to easily dispose of them (or simply stop you outright). And it has shroud, making it hard for you to deal with the chink in your armor (and get even more tokens) by bouncing it out of play. (Yep, the use of shroud instead of hexproof was deliberate! Hee hee!)

Artwork: An elaborate illusion that's on the brink of falling apart.

Idea 11: Sentient Flame
Cost: 1R
Type: Tribal Sorcery - Elemental
Rarity: Rare

Rules text: Kicker - 2R

Sentient Flame deals 3 damage to target creature or player. This spell ignores protection, shroud, and hexproof. If it was kicked, it becomes a 3/1 red Elemental creature with first strike, trample, and haste and is put onto the battlefield.

Rulings 1: Sentient Flame only counts as a creature while it's on the battlefield, and is only able to enter the battlefield via its own kicker effect.
Rulings 2: Sentient Flame only ignores protection, hexproof, and shroud while being cast. Once it becomes a creature, it no longer ignores those abilities (and therefore is unable to block or damage creatures with protection from red).

Notes: I was originally going to have Sentient Flame do 5 damage (yes, that's really powerful for just 2 mana, but it's a sorcery; a sorcery should be stronger than a comparable instant to make up for the timing restrictions). But then I figured, hey, the gimmick is that it's a sentient flame. So it should be able to compensate for attempts to block or avoid it and hit its target anyway. My first idea was to make its damage unpreventable. But that wouldn't make sense because it's still fire, and shouldn't be able to hurt something that can't be hurt by fire. So I made it ignore the main anti-targeting keywords (protection, hexproof, and shroud) instead. (Ignoring protection also means it can damage things that are protected from red, which ties into the "undodgeable" theme.) As a trade-off for the utility boost, the damage was toned down to 3. The kicker effect was originally going to let you search your library for any red Elemental and put it onto the battlefield (and give it haste), but I decided to change it to make the spell itself become a creature so it could specifically represent the living, lingering flame that it's supposed to be. (I did consider just having it make a token, but I decided turning the actual spell into a creature was more interesting. Though apparently transforming nonpermanents are a thing, so that's a viable option...)

Artwork: Either a fireball in the process of transforming into an elemental creature, or a fireball being launched at someone who's trying to dodge it, only for the fireball to curve in midair and hit them anyways.

Idea 12: Forensic Guardian
Cost: 2W(U/W)
Type: Creature - Human
Power/Toughness: 2/3
Rarity: Rare

Rules text: When a nontoken permanent you control is removed from the battlefield, investigate. When a creature you control dies, investigate.
When a permanent you control would be removed from the battlefield, if it has a clue counter on it, remove all damage from it if it is a creature, then remove the clue counter instead.
UU: Untap Forensic Guardian. You may sacrifice a Clue token to pay for {2} or {U}{U} in this ability's cost.
T, 1WW, Sacrifice 3 Clue tokens: Put a clue counter on target permanent you control.

Rulings 1: If a nontoken creature you control dies, both of the first two triggered abilities activate, so you investigate twice.
Rulings 2: Forensic Guardian's third triggered ability does not regenerate permanents, it simply replaces an event that would remove them from the battlefield with a clue counter being removed. Thus, it circumvents cards that preclude regeneration (like Terror or Wrath of God).
Rulings 3: Because the third triggered ability prevents a permanent from leaving the battlefield, its resolution does not allow the first triggered ability to be triggered. It also prevents counters from being removed and cards from becoming unattached.
Rulings 4: A creature whose toughness has been reduced to 0 cannot be saved by the third triggered ability, as its toughness will still be 0 when the ability resolves. This will create a loop that will last until the creature has no more clue counters.
Rulings 5: If a permanent with a clue counter on it would be sacrificed or exiled to pay for a cost, the clue counter is removed instead. The same happens if it would be sacrificed or exiled due to an effect.
Rulings 6: The transformation effects of Kytheon, Hero of Akros, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Lilliana, Heretical Healer, Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh, and Nissa, Vastwood Seer exile them and return them to the battlefield transformed. If a clue counter is placed on one of these cards, Forensic Guardian's triggered ability would prevent them from being exiled, and therefore prevent them from transforming until the next time their condition would be met.

Artwork: Basically a forensic scientist using his/her skills to actively protect people.

Idea 13: Enervating Mist
Cost: XBB
Type: Sorcery
Rarity: Rare

Rules text: Kicker - B(W/B) and/or B(B/R); flashback XBBB

Put X weariness counters on each creature. If this spell was kicked for its B(B/R) cost, put X weakness counters on each creature instead. If this spell was kicked for its B(W/B) cost, do not put weariness/weakness counters on creatures you control. (Each weariness counter on a creature gives it -1/-0. Each weakness counter on a creature gives it -1/-1. As long as a creature has a weariness or weakness counter on it, it has "{1}: Remove a weariness or weakness counter from this creature.")

Artwork: A group of people enshrouded in mist and either struggling to stay standing or collapsing to their knees or onto their faces from sheer fatigue. Bonus points for being set in a dismal location where noxious gases would not be unexpected, such as a swamp, or a stereotypical horror story location, such as a graveyard.
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