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I recently came up with an awesome idea for an Eggman mech.  I call it the "Egg Reaper".

Basically, it's a 16' tall contraption shaped somewhat like a cross between a shrimp, a Nazgul, and the Grim Reaper (most emphasis on the last one.)  Its main coloration is a bright bloody red, but it also has a purple "cape" that it "wears" mostly for dramatic effect (and to enhance the Grim Reaper/Nazgul resemblance.)  It hovers about half a foot off the ground (by default; it can raise or lower itself at will) using an antigravity device stationed on its bottom, kind of like what Diablon from Shadow the Hedgehog uses, only higher-tech.

Its most notable features are the two scythes it has attached to its "forelimbs", which are its main weapons.  The arms are attached to the robot at about "shoulder" height by default, but they can be moved down to the "waist" if necessary.  Also, the cockpit is (as usual) the machine's weak point; it's located at the top of the mecha, where the head (or, rather, the face) would be, so it would probably be too difficult for Sonic (or another Homing Attack-reliant opponent) to reach unless the mecha is leaning down to execute an attack or he can somehow bounce off of the scythes.  It can swing the scythes in a variety of fashions, all designed to overcompensate for the scythe's ineffectuality in actual combat and to use the curvature of the scythe to enhance offensive power and/or inhibit attempts to dodge its attacks.  It can slam the scythes downward, either independently or together, in an effort to impale an enemy; this is easy to dodge and tends to leave the scythes stuck in the ground, so it's a tactic that only gets used early in a fight.  It can also bring the scythe(s) down to the ground and swing it vertically upward; while this has the same "easy to dodge" problem as the downward swing, it is less prone to leaving the Egg Reaper helpless and vulnerable to counterattacks afterwards.  Its main attack, rather, is to swing the scythes repeatedly in a combination attack; unfortunately for it, the last attacks in the sequence frequently require it to lean over, leaving it open to attack.  It can also launch the scythes like boomerangs at opponents who try to stay at long range (and I make the reference to boomerangs intentionally, as they return to the Egg Reaper after flying a set distance).  Speaking of long-range attacks, it does have some missile launchers, but it uses those very infrequently, as it prefers to fight at close range (and even at long range, it prefers to use the boomerang attack.)  When Eggman decides to stop toying with his opponent, he steps things up by having the Egg Reaper bring its scythes down to the ground and spin them in a circle while chasing the foe.  Finally, when desperate, the scythes can emit fire, amplifying their attack power and making it downright impossible to touch them without getting hurt.

As for the Egg Reaper's battle theme, I'd have to go with "Execution Day" by Meat Loaf.  (The first version is the main battle theme, while the second is the "pinch" variant.)

Edit: Found the studio version of "Execution Day".

Edit (again): The first link may be defunct, but I saved the music from it, and I've uploaded it to my Dropbox account. So now you can listen to it there.
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Several months ago, I discovered a site called Dropbox, and I've been putting stuff that I like to share there ever since. It is so convenient. :D Here's some of the more notable files I've got.

First and foremost, the entirety of Furry Fiasco (and its prequel, Why Krystal Shouldn't Be In Brawl), my roleplays prior to my roleplays with :iconpommyman: here on DeviantART, can be found here.

Then, there's the custom Pokémon ideas I've come up with, which can be found here.

On my iTunes, I am currently assembling playlists of songs that I'm using for an Elite Beat Agents sequel idea I've been kicking around. Said EBA sequel would be themed on the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues, and the story would involve seven demons wreaking havoc by corrupting people and causing a crime wave, which the EBA would put a stop to with song and dance (and recruiting seven angels to their cause). I plan on eventually putting my idea up on the osu! boards to recruit a team to bring the idea to life with beatmaps for all the songs. The playlists can be found here.

I've come up with a wishful-thinking topic for a better Final Smash system for Super Smash Bros. 4, which can be found here (Microsoft Word) or here (HTML).
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