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Super Luigi World is the direct storyline follow-up to Super Luigi Bros. 3. The League of Villains has not managed to wipe out any of its members' archenemies, due to Mario, Luigi, and Luigifan forming the Heroes' League to act as a counterbalance. Thus, Bowser comes up with the "brilliant" idea to... spike the Heroes' League's water supply with a cocktail of LSD, PCP, cocaine, and God knows what else. And to begin the plan, Bowser promptly steals said drugs from hapless police (who had impounded the drugs and were about to destroy them, of course). The Heroes' League is not amused to learn that Bowser is hoarding drugs (well, okay, Sonic is, at least once Luigifan compares it to that one time Kamek transformed the Mario Bros. into fruit snacks - Mario responds that he doesn't want to talk about it), and takes it upon itself to confiscate the illicit substances and send them back to the police for proper disposal. The League of Villains steals the drugs right back, the Heroes' League reconfiscates them, and... well... the situation quickly escalates into high-stakes keep-away (or would tug-of-war be a better analogy?), and Hilarity Ensues. (And, yes, I came up with the plot due to taking Health Ed in middle or high school (I don't quite recall exactly when) and constantly being exposed to egregious "Drugs are bad!" messages. I'm actually going to dedicate the project to my high school teachers.) I haven't developed the plot beyond that, as I've intended for the gameplay to be retro-arcadey from the very beginning.

Super Luigi World will be far smaller than Super Luigi Bros. 3, in large part to avoid the published-level limits that may or may not make it a massive pain in the neck to get the entire Super Luigi Bros. 3 project out onto the LBP/LBP2 scene. (I'm not quite sure whether or not there actually are limits on how many levels you can publish, but both the LBP wiki and the in-game published levels menu seem to indicate that it's only possible for a single profile to have 20 levels published per game. If true, that means that it'll only be possible for about 1/4 of Super Luigi Bros. 3 to be online at any given time... perhaps even less if I try to have SLW levels or levels unrelated to either of those projects online at the same time... so I'm really, really hoping that it isn't the case...) Anyways, the levels of Super Luigi World will probably be very big and will most likely make extensive use of score sensors to regulate the player's progress, to simulate the whole "let's confiscate the League of Villains' drugs before they can do any damage with them" aspect).

Bosses will include The Rodnov (more on that later), 03 (basically, Zero of the Kirby series post-Crystal Shards), Valdez (who tries to kill Tails on a suggestion from Mysto coming in from 2013 - this only ends up pissing Sonic off), Prince Garcia (piloting a Humongous Mecha this time, but he still doesn't want to fight Mario and Luigi to the death if he can help it), Dr. Eggman (both implied to be piloting the Rodnov and as the second-to-last boss - the latter being an upgraded variant of Sonic CD's final boss), and, of course, Bowser (I actually have a pretty good idea of how that fight will go - basically, he magically condenses his remaining LSD into meteors and tries to drop them on you, and you have to trick him into the path of his own meteors while he leaps around and tries to physically rip you to shreds). There will probably be more, but that's all I can confirm for now (because it's all that I've actually decided upon).

Compared to Super Luigi Bros. 3, which primarily used existing VGM for its soundtrack, Super Luigi World will use more music that was either composed from scratch by myself or other Little Big Planet 2 players, or comes from other sources (or were just music created for music's sake). Here's a short list of songs that I'm considering to use within Super Luigi World, which will by no means be the complete soundtrack:

"In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins (I know I want to use this for something climactic. Perhaps it'll end up pertaining to Garcia or Eggman.)
"Behind Blue Eyes" by Limp Bizkit (Yes, I'm focusing on the cover version, which I use as the "Eggman's Gone Emo!" theme. It's inspired by a WMG entry I saw on TV Tropes about Eggman's motivations - namely, that he's trying to conquer the world in order to make scientists into first-class citizens and ensure that the tragedy aboard the ARK is never, ever repeated. If not for his mistreatment of the Mobians, Eggman could hardly even be called a villain. Of course, it's very likely that he became He Who Fights Monsters a long, long time ago. As in, before the events of the original Sonic the Hedgehog.)
"Cadence of Her Last Breath" by Nightwish (Continuing the theme of Nightwish music being boss music, this will be used as the theme of the Rodnov, a robot built by Dr. Eggman and Mysto during their post-Sonic Adventure 2 alliance which Eggman has completed just in time for Bowser's "drug the Heroes' League" plan. The Rodnov will likely wind up as a recurring boss, with the instrumental version of "Cadence of Her Last Breath" being used for most of the battles against it and the vocal version being used for the penultimate Rodnov fight. In-story, The Rodnov will be used as the League of Villains' primary drug-stealing agent, as the police just can't manage to handle it (the thing can summon fully-functional STRYKER tanks and throws explosives around like confetti, so the police aren't incompetent, just outclassed). This will force the Heroes' League to repeatedly chase after the Rodnov to take the drugs back before they can be put into the water supply.)
"Words of the Witch" by Lonewolf (This will be used for the final encounter with The Rodnov. It won't be the final boss (that honor is, of course, reserved for Bowser) or even the penultimate boss (that will be Dr. Eggman - see "Final Frenzy" below), but the final battle with the Rodnov will be a highly climactic one that finally puts an end to the keepaway game and allows the endgame proper to start up as Bowser scrambles to find a way to continue his scheme.)
"Dive" by BeForU (This song will be used for a fast-paced pursue-and-infiltrate level, either immediately before or shortly after the final battle with the Rodnov.)
"Final Frenzy" from Sonic CD (Japanese Version) (This will be used for the second-to-last boss battle, in which Dr. Eggman attacks using an upgraded model of the Psycho-Egg (which was the final boss of Sonic CD). The basic battle plan of attacking with spinning blades will remain intact, but actually inflicting damage this time will not be easy, and he won't get any easier as the fight wears on...)
"Luigi's Song" by myself/"Accidents Will Happen" by Elvis Costello (Final battle with Bowser in Super Luigi World, phase 1; "Luigi's Song" is directly based on "Accidents Will Happen" (and should sound like it, too; I blame my amateur singing skills and lack of access to musical instruments), having most of the same melodic elements but rearranging them considerably.)
"War" by Vince Decola (Final battle with Bowser in Super Luigi World, final phase; this song sounds a lot like "Going the Distance", and if I hadn't already made up my mind to use "Going the Distance" for Super Luigi Bros. 3's final battle, I just might have wound up using this song instead. The fact that it comes from Rocky IV is a nice bonus. I'm not sure whether to use the movie version, the final version, or some remix from YouTube, though.)

Boss fight plans...

The Rodnov: The Rodnov will be the most commonly recurring boss in this game. It is a large humanoid robot that trundles along slowly on large legs. When the legs are destroyed, the body drops down to the ground and trundles around on a wheel, waving its arms around and launching bombs and tanks at you. Yes, the darned thing launches tanks at you. When you destroy the body, the head drops to the ground and starts flying around, chasing you, and spraying electricity everywhere. Destroy the head to finish off the boss. The Rodnov will gain more projectile launchers in later fights, leaving fewer safe spots to evade its attacks.
Zero3: Okay, first things first, Zero3 is not working for Bowser. He has his own reasons for attacking you (partly for revenge on Kirby, and partly for sick, twisted sh**s and giggles). Anyways, the fight will be similar to the final battle of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (which is one of my favorite games of all time, so I am going to make damn sure that I do it justice). Zero3 will remain stationary in the center of the arena, rotating to follow you and shooting at you periodically. You'll be in a pod flying around Zero3 and shooting at him, trying to stun his eye so that you can sneak around behind him and attack his rear end. Shoot that enough to win the battle, but keep in mind that it's going to take a few rounds.
Psyco-Egg: The Psyco-Egg, final boss of Sonic CD, will be the penultimate boss of this game.
Bowser: Bowser will be the final boss once again. When the Mario Bros. finally confront him, he is pissed that they've managed to survive this long, and will go on a long-winded speech about how sick and tired he is of the Mario Bros. foiling his plans and this time, he's going to break their minds and then kill them. As Bowser roars the end of his speech - "PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!" - he'll conjure a never-ending stream of LSD meteors, starting the fight proper (this will all be timed so that the speech ends and meteors start falling right as the music builds to a peak, with the music having started at the beginning of the pre-fight cutscene). Bowser will then proceed to go on the offensive, using a mix of his Super Smash Bros. moveset with his Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 strategy; namely, he'll be constantly chasing you and trying to burn and slash you to pieces. It'll be hard to make him turn around, so if you get past him, he'll probably just leap over your head to re-establish his attacking position. Your goal will be to trick him into getting hit by his own LSD meteors; 10 will do him in. However, when he's halfway beaten, he'll become even more ferocious, so watch out. Overall, this will be a highly chaotic battle.
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Yes, you read the title correctly. I came up with a moveset for myself, at roughly the same time that I made movesets for Bowser Jr. and Krystal, back during the pre-Brawl hype. (Corsola's moveset is something I conceived shortly after Melee was released, though that was only a rough draft and I didn't finalize the details until the pre-Brawl hype.) So, anyways, this moveset represents myself, as I'm depicted in the Why Krystal Shouldn't Be In Brawl/Furry Fiasco roleplays and their sequel stories (my roleplays with :iconpommyman:, a.k.a. the White Dark Life roleplays). Note that while I am releasing this to DeviantART in celebration of the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. 4, this moveset was designed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is not fully up-to-date. I may or may not create a revamp of it to fit with the SSB4 engine; that is something that I'll probably do if and when the whim strikes me. But I am rambling on too much here... I'll finish with a disclaimer; I made this moveset when I was... somewhat less mature than I am today, and as a result, it is kind of... hokey. In fact, that's the reason I haven't put it up here until now. So, without further ado, here we go...

Luigifan's Moveset
(No, I'm not providing a picture. I'm not an idiot, and I know how to protect myself from Internet stalkers. So, please, don't even ask.)

Speed: 2.8/5 (I'm not very fit, and therefore not very fast, but I can still run faster than the likes of Bowser, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Mr. Game & Watch, and other slow characters. Think of the Walkie Talkie Man...)
Strength: 3.9/5 (I'm pretty strong, but, like I said, I'm not exactly physically fit. As a result, I'm not quite as strong as I could be. Even if I were, I'm not a godmodder; I'm pretty ordinary in most respects, so I wouldn't be able to match the power of characters like Bowser, Ganondorf, DK, or Wario.)
Defense: 2.95/5 (I'm a wee bit... wussy, but I'm overall okay at taking blows. However, I'm by no means spectacular at rolling with the punches.)
Weight: 3.7 (Yes, I'm a bit overweight... Not to the point of obesity, but still.)
Jump: 1/5 (That's right, 1 out of 5. The average person, including me, can only jump a few inches into the air without some sort of assistance. While my jumping abilities, like my other attributes, are a bit stronger in this virtual world than they are for my actual, real-life self, my jumping abilities are still extremely weak; even Ganondorf or Bowser could jump higher than I can!)
Recovery: 2/5 (My ^B makes up for my pathetic jumps... somewhat.)

I'm a bit of an oddball... my attacks inflict tremendous damage, but relatively little knockback. As a result, I'm best for team battles, where I can quickly soften up enemies, then let my partner(s) move in for the kill. I also perform well when items are available, as I can use the more devastating items (like Bob-ombs) to compensate for the lackluster KO potential of my own moves. My throws in particular tend to be rather… unique… not to mention brutal. Some of my abilities are realistic, and others… not so much. You’ll see what I mean when you actually read my moveset.

Arrival: I enter the battlefield via a portal (which resembles a hexagon with a rippling blue energy field along its interior) and close it behind me, shrinking the portal into a portable device which I then slip into my pocket. The portal makes a really weird sound effect, by the way; I can only describe it as sounding like “raanj”. Don’t ask what that means, because I don’t know.

Basic Attacks:

A: Straight punch for 3% damage, causes enemy to flinch (virtually no knockback). Considered an Arm attack.
AA: Cross punch for 4% damage, causes enemy to flinch (virtually no knockback). Considered an Arm attack.
AAA: Hook punch for 6% damage, causes enemy to flinch. Considered an Arm and Body (Spin) attack.
Continued A: I unleash a straight blast (think Bruce Lee beating up a horde of thugs with a flurry of punches; my entire basic combo is based on Jeet Kune Do, the school of martial arts Lee founded, so it's derived from his techniques). Each punch causes 5% damage and causes the enemy to flinch a bit (although not so much that they can't deliver a quick counterattack if they act fast and can attack quickly; someone like Ganondorf or Roy would attack too slowly to be able to defend themselves...). The space between attacks is a fraction of a second less than that of Captain Falcon's Vulcan Jab. I proceed forward at a slow pace while performing this attack, pushing the enemy ahead of me; if I keep it up long enough, I can even push a foe off a ledge, although I would have to be careful not to go over the edge myself! Considered an Arm attack. (And, no, there is no way I’d be able to keep this up for long (or to throw punches almost as fast as Captain Falcon) in real life. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I can continue indefinitely. I blame video game physiology.)

Strong Attacks:
A>: I perform a Jeet Kune Do cross-behind side kick, which does 16% damage and actually has nice knockback; indeed, it has more knockback than my Forward Smash does! It’s still not going to score KO’s below 185%, though… on Jigglypuff. Most characters won’t be at risk of getting KO’d by it until even higher percentages. Considered a Leg and Body (Spin) attack.
A^: I fire about 20 shots upward in a machine-gun fashion from my Fingergun (which is just what it sounds like, a gun attached to my index finger... except it's not quite a gun, it just works like one... bah, thinking about it too hard makes my head hurt). Each bullet does only 1% damage, but the flurry does juggle the foe quite well. Considered a Weapon and Slash attack.
Av: I stomp on the ground a short distance, doing about 10% damage. If this move connects, it causes my foe to adopt an "OUCH! My foot!" pose (not unlike the Foot Stomp technique from Sonic The Fighters). Considered a Leg attack.

Dash Attack:

Dash + A: It's my classic Charge Punch technique; I stick out my fist and ram my foe with it. Its damage is dependent on how fast I'm running, usually about 20%. It also has moderate knockback (slightly less than my Forward Strong Attack). Considered an Arm and Body (Spin) attack (there’s actually no spinning involved, but the latter category seems to apply to a lot of body-blow attacks that depend on momentum).

Ledge Attack:

A (while hanging from ledge): I pull myself up (struggling to do so) and quickly launch a Missile from my Fingergun to defend myself. It inflicts 6% damage and just enough knockback to give me a bit of breathing room. Since this is a projectile, it actually has pretty good range, but it’s lousy for striking more than one opponent at once. Considered a Weapon and Explosive attack.

Rising Attack:

A (while floored): I get up and thrust my arms forward, doing 7% damage and shoving any opponents struck by this move backwards a few feet. The range is okay, but this move is somewhat slow and does nothing to defend against opponents behind me. Considered an Arm attack.

Smash Attacks:

A>>: Tiger Eye: I rear back, my fingers curled like the claws of a tiger, then I punch forward and gouge my foe's eyes out. This inflicts 20-28% damage and stuns the foe as they stumble around, unable to see. In real life, this would probably permanently blind someone, but in this virtual world, the effect is temporary. Considered an Arm attack.
A^^: Big Bullets: I fire 3 MASSIVE missiles upwards from my Fingergun, from left to right (or right to left, depending on which way I’m facing). Each one travels rather slowly, but will explode upon making contact with any solid object, including opponents. The explosion deals 30% damage and sends the opponent flying quite a distance (although nowhere near what one would expect from a huge explosion, and certainly nowhere near as deadly as a Bob-Omb.) By the way, this is only for ONE of the bullets, although only one missile will be able to hit a given player unless said player is really stupid and/or unlucky (or directly above my head, in which case I’ll probably be caught in all three blasts as well. Yes, I can be blown up by my own missiles. Dear God, that’ll hurt. Please don’t do it). The missiles will continue traveling upwards until they hit something or fly off the screen. Charging this attack doesn’t influence the attack’s damage, but it does increase the knockback, explosion size, and missile speed. Considered a Weapon and Explosive attack.
Avv: Ya! Ya! Koryum-ba!: I deliver 2 karate chops upwards, then chop inwards-sideways with both hands, and finally slam my hands downwards as if I were spiking a volleyball. Each of the first two hits does 10-14% damage and knocks the opponent a very short distance upwards (about one-quarter of a Short Hop), the third hit does 18-24% damage and suspends the foe in midair (or makes them flinch), and the final strike does 26-38% damage and spikes the enemy into the ground (or into the abyss, if I was using this to edge-guard). And, yes, I really do shout out the name of this attack while I execute it. *waits for laughter to subside* Considered an Arm attack.

Aerial Attacks:

A: I deliver a simple, moderately powerful forward punch for 5% damage. Considered an Arm attack.
A>: I slam my fists downward, like in the finisher of my Downwards Smash Attack. This attack can serve as a Meteor Smash, and a rather quick one, too, although it's a bit weak at 10% damage, and the knockback's not that great, so it's unlikely to gimp anyone. Considered an Arm attack.
A<: I deliver a donkey kick backwards for 9% damage. It’s quick, but has a short range. Considered a Leg attack.
A^: A quick uppercut for 6% damage. Considered an Arm attack.
Av: This attack is a variant of Ness's Step Kick. It's quicker than said attack, but also weaker, doing only 8% damage. While it does have decent recovery time, my crappy jumps make using it a bit dangerous nonetheless. And it's still not very good for spiking! Considered a Leg attack.

Grab Attacks:

Grab: I fire my Chain Link from my Fingergun. Basically, it works just like Link's Hookshot (er, wait, this is Brawl, not Melee, so make that his Clawshot… *sigh* uh, Toon Link’s Hookshot, then). It has a longer range, but it can be disrupted by attacking it with a disjointed hitbox, especially a Slash attack; this breaks the Chain Link and forces me to re-upload it from Hammerspace, leaving me vulnerable for a few seconds. The Chain Link can also be used as a tether recovery, and it can be used to grab items. Using the Chain Link in midair does 9% damage (with crappy knockback, as is somewhat typical for my moves) and is considered a Slash attack.
Grab Attack: A generic punch to the face for 3% damage. Considered an Arm attack.
Grab>: Creative Clobber: I use my environment to pummel the enemy, such as using him/her as a maksehift home-run bat to swat nearby opponents, or smashing his/her face into a wall. If nothing is available, I simply kick the foe in the stomach to push him/her away for 6% damage. However, if nearby factors in the stage permit me to do so, I will come up with a clever way to bring the pain to my victim using the area around me. For example, if I'm next to the Support Ghost on Yoshi's Island, I bury my foe in its ectoplasm for 8% damage and allow the Ghost to carry him/her into the abyss; if I'm on the Halberd, I load my foe into the Combo Cannon and fire it, launching him/her off the stage and inflicting 45% damage; if I'm on Smashville, I do something involving the animals in the background, such as shoving the enemy under Brewster's chairs, or flinging him/her at K. K. Slider and watching him/her get smacked with a ukelele or be shoved off of the stage; if I’m on Norfair near a lava pillar, I shove the foe into it and hold him/her there for a while (don’t ask how I’m not burned to a crisp)... really, I could go on and on. Basically, I utilize nearby stage hazards (or sometimes background elements) in order to bring the pain to my opponent. This is the sort of thing that would have to be experimented with in order to realize its full potential. Keep in mind that it’s possible for a foe to wriggle out of most of the zany situations I’ll stuff them into with this throw (with a few exceptions), but the difficulty of escaping before taking the full force of the attack increases as the foe’s damage percentage rises. Depending on the hazard I exploit, this can be a KO move, but it shouldn’t be counted on as such. Considered a Throwing attack, as well as whatever else is appropriate for the hazard I stuff my foe into (or a Leg attack for the kick if there are no nearby hazards for me to exploit).
Grab<: I choose you, Dragonlite!: I unleash my Dragonite, nicknamed Dragonlite, and allow him to grab and beat the **** out of my opponent with moves like Fly, Seismic Toss, Slam, and Outrage. This can easily inflict 100% damage, maybe more, if allowed to continue. Eventually, Dragonlite flies to the blast line and flings the foe offscreen, which is a guaranteed KO (and one of my only two consistently reliable KO moves, the other being my up throw). However, the enemy will have plenty of opportunities to break free and turn the tables before being carried off of the stage. As usual for this type of move, though, escape becomes more difficult as the foe’s damage percentage rises. (The best chance to escape is when Dragonlite uses Seismic Toss; true to the name, this involves hurling the victim hard at the ground, so pulling off an Ukemi will negate its damage and enable the victim to react immediately – the best response will be to dodge Dragonlite’s follow-up grab attempt. Of course, this may miss anyways, since Dragonlite will typically make its grab attempt in midair in anticipation of its foe bouncing up after the impact.) In addition, other players can attack Dragonlite in order to free its captive, although the captive can be hurt by their attacks as well; Dragonlite must take 75% damage before it will drop its victim. I can act as normal after Dragonlite flies off to begin the beatdown, although attempting to use this throw while Dragonlite is still active leads to me simply turning around and kicking the foe in the stomach for 7% damage, pushing him/her away from me. After flinging a foe offscreen or having its victim squirm out of (or get knocked out of) its grasp, Dragonlite returns to me, and I recall it (unless there are foes near me, in which case Dragonlite helps me fight them off before being recalled). Considered a Throwing attack, as well as a Leg attack for the kick if Dragonlite’s already busy when I execute this.
Grab^: Rocket Ride: I pull out a miniature rocket, strap my opponent to it, and light the fuse. (Don't ask where I get those things.) This does only 15% damage once the rocket lights, but it then flies up and carries the opponent offscreen unless he/she can wriggle free (this is easy at low percentages – I suck at tying knots, give me a break – but it gets more difficult as the opponent’s damage percentage rises). Since the rocket can carry my opponent past the upper blast line, that makes this a surprisingly good KO move; on the other hand, it’s pretty much the only KO move I have, other than my aforementioned back throw. If the rocket hits a ceiling, the opponent gets slammed into the ceiling by the impact, and the rocket promptly explodes, inflicting 40% damage, after which the foe falls back to the ground helplessly (as if he/she were knocked into the air as a result of their shield breaking). However, when the opponent hits the ground, he/she can act immediately after getting back up; the victim also regains the ability to move if he/she is struck in midair. Considered a Throwing, Weapon, and Explosive attack.
Grabv: Face Crusher: I slam the opponent to the ground and stomp on his/her face for 8% damage. However, pressing A as soon as I make impact allows me to jump up again and come down for another face-flattening landing (and another 8% damage). This can be done over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, as long as the player's timing is good; it's basically like Power Bounce from the Paper Mario games. Like Power Bounce, the only limits to the damage output of this move are your timing and how practical it would be to continue the assault (for example, I'm completely vulnerable to assault by other players while performing this attack, and I could also easily get left behind on a scrolling screen). The victim, however, can do nothing but lie there and watch his/her damage ascend... Considered a Throwing and Leg attack.

Special Attacks:

B: Fingergun: I shoot out a random type of missile from my Fingergun, varying in damage and effects. Repeatedly pressing B will continue firing the same type of missile (holding B will have the same effect,) and they can be aimed during continuous fire.
Mini-Missiles: The machine-gun bullets from my Strong Up attack, they can be fired extremely rapidly and do 1% damage each. They also cause flinching and very minor knockback (and by “very minor”, I mean “wouldn’t launch an opponent further than 2 feet until they’re at 500%+ damage”). Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Slash attack.
Missiles: Somewhat weak missiles which have a decent rate of fire, they do 4% damage and have okay knockback. Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Explosive attack.
Absorption Missiles: Okay missiles which do 8% damage and heal me for damage equal to what they inflicted (e. g. 8%.) Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Energy attack.
Clumsy Missiles: Fair missiles with a LOT of recoil; I fall over backwards after firing one of these, landing square on my butt. I cannot fire these missiles continuously; indeed, I can't do anything until I've gotten back up. They do 12% damage and have nice knockback. Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Explosive attack.
Homing Missiles: Fair missiles which do 16% damage and home in on enemies. Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Explosive attack.
Psycho Missiles: Great missiles which do 20% damage and cause a random status condition to opponents – burning (fire), electrifying/paralysis (electricity), freezing (ice), flowers, poison, burial/spiking, or (especially) high knockback. Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Energy attack; the Energy effect may be replaced by Flame, Electric, or Freezing, depending on the status condition (burning = flame, electrifying/paralysis = electric, freezing = freezing). The Poison condition would be considered Darkness, but that’s exclusive to Ganondorf (not like I’d want to be caught dead using it!) Likewise, the flowers would be considered Grass, but that’s exclusive to the Pokémon Trainer (more specifically, Ivysaur).
Vampire Missiles: Great missiles which do 24% damage, but also do 1/4 of the damage they inflict (e.g. 8% damage) to me once they connect. Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Energy attack.
Massive Missiles: The huge missiles that I fire in my Upwards Smash Attack, they cause me to take a step backwards when I fire them. They have a poor rate of fire, but they do 28% damage on connecting, with a big explosion that can harm nearby opponents and fairly impressive knockback. Considered a Special (Indirect), Weapon, and Explosive attack.

B>: Metronome: My favorite Pokémon move... when I execute this, I waggle my finger in order to randomly execute any other special move in the game. This includes Final Smashes, although the chances of this are extremely poor (less than 1% for each one). I'm immune to flinching and knockback while waggling. After a second, I announce the name of the move I'm about to perform, so that the player can get ready, and then I perform the move just like it would be normally used. It’s entirely possible for Metronome to select one of my own special moves (other than itself), in which case it’s kind of a waste (seeing as you could have just executed that special move as itself a lot more quickly). Also, my announcing the name of the move I’m about to do lets my opponents make their own preparations for it, which is not good (and this is assuming that they didn’t already get out of the way when I started waggling!) So, yeah, it’s not a very reliable move at all, but dang, is it fun to toy around with! This can be considered any type of attack, or no attack type at all, depending on what special move is used.

B^: Rage Burst: This is my real ace in the hole, a massive flurry of punches and kicks that increases in intensity as I become more and more riled up. When a match starts, I will throw 10 punches upon using this move. For every 5% damage that I take, 1 punch is added to the combo, and every time that I lose a life, 5 punches are added. Each punch does 5% damage, and once an opponent gets hit, they cannot escape my fists of fury very easily, if at all. If I use this in midair, the move becomes more like clawing at the air cartoon-style, and each "punch" gives me about a foot of altitude; like many recovery moves, I become completely helpless after completing the move until I touch the ground. By the end of a match, I could easily be throwing 50 or more punches with this move, so it's truly something to be feared... and that’s not even mentioning the impressive vertical recovery distance! Considered a Special (Direct), Arm, and Leg attack.

Bv: Horse Stance: A defensive karate stance, its effectiveness is greatly exaggerated in the world of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. While I am using this, I am completely immune to flinching and knockback (although not to being grabbed), but it can't prevent me from taking damage. It's the ultimate way to avoid being sent flying by a big attack, but overusing it could leave me in a lot of pain; the Horse Stance doesn't allow me to move, block, attack, or take defensive measures until the B button is released!!! Not considered an attack.

Final Smash: Dawn of Virtue: I pray and pull out a silver cross, and the whole stage is blasted with holy energy, inflicting 200% damage upon all of my opponents and likely KO'ing them. However, using this resets the duration of my Rage Burst move to 10 punches.


Up Taunt: I wave my arm back and forth, in a somewhat cocky fashion, and ask, “So, do you want to call it quits?” I may alternatively say “I’m getting rather tired of this. Are you?”, “Okay, enough is enough.”, “Seriously, let’s just get this over with.”, “You can’t defeat the Heroes’ League!”, or “Let me do my homework in peace, already!”
Side Taunt: My side taunt has two variants. Usually, I simply waggle my finger, cross my arms, and proclaim "Evil can never triumph!", "Virtue will always come out on top!", or "Christ is the only true solution!" However, about 20% of the time (or when this is executed as a Smash Taunt), I swing my arm forward, point forward like Phoenix Wright, and quote the Bible (yeah, I probably should have mentioned my religious faith by now, but Dawn of Virtue was probably a huge tipoff anyways). As I jab my pointer forward, my Fingergun emits 4 holy sparks in quick succession, inflicting 5% damage each and sending enemies flying away for a short distance. Furthermore, as I finish quoting Scripture, I flash white, and recover 10% damage. The holy sparks are considered an Energy attack (and, yes, they can be absorbed by PSI Magnet and Oil Spill).
Down Taunt: I whip out my cellphone and call somebody in the Heroes’ League (like Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Kirby, Bomberman, or Pipsy) to let them know how the fight is progressing. Of course, I won’t call a character who’s participating in the fight.

Victory Music: A riff from the beginning of “The Last Stop” by the Dave Matthews Band (more specifically, a hard rock remix of the first 8 seconds of the song).
Victory Taunt A: I bow my head down and say, "I dislike violence... but I'll do what I must for the sake of virtue and justice."
Victory Taunt B: I faint from overexertion, pale and covered with sweat. (I told you I was out of shape!)
Victory Taunt C: I cross my arms and say, "What the?!? To be honest, I'm rather disappointed... I expected you to be a worthy adversary, and I ended up fighting a wimp!!!!"
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